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I’ve learnt that over the last year or two no matter how big or small you are as a business, making a social impact is a must for anyone whose business is centered on engaging with people. Being able to engage with your audience to create, build and maintain a business relationship is the core of what social media is all about. The only question is; do small businesses have the resources to master social media to create a stronger enough effect?

KNOW YOUR MARKET: Being able to know your audience and what they want is an art form which you can have control over. Posting for the sake of it isn’t a good use of time, nor will it connect with your audience. Make time to understand your audience by providing quality content that is meaningful, engaging and relevant. Catering for your audience with relevant offers can have a simple, yet massive impact on your business.

GET OUT THERE NOW!!: The sooner you create an online presence the better. Social media is here to stay and with the way technology is progressing its safe to say we’re only at a small fraction of its full capacity and future potential for businesses, there’s no telling what we can achieve. With over a billion people on Facebook and 300 million users on twitter you’ll be able to take advantage of people on this ever-growing online community.

CONNECT WITH NETWORKS:  Building key networks for your business online is vital. Locate the client base of similar businesses in your industry and create like-minded industry contacts. This will give you a platform to boost your social presence and give your client base an opportunity to give essential feedback.

CONSISTENCY AND REACH: The content your company post should be fresh and relevant to the market the business operates in. All channels should stick to the same content to avoid confusion with the audience. When users discover consistency in a message, they’ll develop more trust in your overall brand message and will become more likely to share your content with others, which will create a higher reach.

WEBSITE AND BLOG: A website should be your main hub of any online presence. Using this to integrate your social activity should not be dismissed as it gives customers different ways of interacting with you. Plus a lot of your SEO content is mainly heavily invested into your site. Using a blog to create fresh articles of interest will also bring in more traffic to your site and will create more interactions with customers.

Dedicating the time to be able to communicate to your audience on social media may sound time consuming, however using a content management system makes this easier to schedule tweets if you haven’t got the time to continuous post on the channels. These simple tips will provide your business with a strong customer relationship for the future, which can help reap the rewards of which social can offer.


By Stefan Lasek